Baby safety during a newborn session – Professional newborn photography

Baby safety during a newborn session – Professional newborn photography

Newborn photography is an industry that is not currently regulated. This means anyone with a camera could actually pick up a camera and take photos of a newborn with no training or knowledge of the unique safety behind photographing newborns. Photographing a newborn is so different to photographing babies of other ages and a lot of skill is involved. I have been photographing newborns for many years now and would not be doing this today without the skills and knowledge I have learnt through newborn workshops. I attended Ana Brandts workshop who is one of Americas top newborn photographers. This experience taught me so much regarding posing and safety of newborns. Some newborn poses should not be done without an experienced and trained photographer.

Is newborn photography safe?

The answer to this is yes, newborn photography is safe as long as you are experienced and trained with newborns. Not every newborn will be the same and like every pose, this means you have to follow the babies lead. You don’t want to force a newborn to do something they are not comfortable doing. For some newborn poses you will need an assistant or a spotter. This will make sure the newborn is safe and secure, here are some examples below.

The newborn froggy pose

The newborn froggy pose is quite hard to do and not every newborn will be able to do this. This pose is achieved by taking two photos of the newborn one with supporting the babies head and one supporting the babies hands. Then the two photos will be edited together in photoshop you can see this below. I will get a parent to stand by and help me with this pose as the newborn pose is not safe without supporting them.

newborn froggy pose

The potato sack pose

With the potato sack pose most of the time the newborn is nice and secure but you do still want a spotter sitting at the side just incase they are a bit wobbly. I can always photoshop parents hands out, so this isn’t a problem!

newborn photography

Newborn posed with hands under chin

This is one of my favourite poses but not all newborns head are as stable as others. You will always want a parent next to them incase they wobble a bit when you are taking the photos. Most newborn will be able to do this pose but occasionally I do get a newborn that doesn’t like to bring there arms up into this pose so it does vary newborn to newborn.

newborn safety

Within newborn photography every newborn pose should be practiced safely. knowing how to handle and newborn and transition a newborn from one pose to another is very important. So as long as you are trained properly, yes newborn photography is safe 😊


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