Becoming a newborn photographer – 5 Tips for success

Becoming a newborn photographer – 5 Tips for success

how to become a newborn photographer

How to become a newborn photographer

Starting a newborn photography business is not easy as with any other business. It takes a lot of hard work and patience and a lot of time to build it up. Sometimes it can seem like you are not getting anywhere and want to give up, I have almost given up so many times! I do think though that if you are persistent and keep going you will get there in the end. You just have to build up your knowledge and experience and never give up!

1. Attend newborn photography workshops

Attending a newborn photography workshop will give you so much hands on experience and knowledge than you had before! There are only so many newborn videos you can watch on you tube and while you can learn from these they are not the same. Posing a baby in different positions is hard work and you need to know how to do this correctly and safely. You can also learn so much about running a business, lighting and different newborn props. It’s such a bonus and the number 1 thing I would say you should do. My first newborn photography workshop I attended was with Ana Brant and my first newborn session after her newborn workshop was a game changer, I had learnt so much!

2. Watch lots of videos on You tube and sign up for online learning

I still do this now, we are always learning and I still watch videos and tutorials. when I first started out I came across Ana Brant and loved her work, I would watch her newborn videos all the time and still do! These videos are great for learning different wrapping techniques and getting inspiration. Ana Brants you tube channel is great for learning, you can go to it here

3. Have a website and build up your instagram and facebook accounts

You can find some great templates on word press or you may have to hire someone to build your website for you if you can’t do this yourself. I have taken a lot of time and watching tutorials to build my own website though word press and I update it all myself. Keep your website up to date, try and update your gallery with your best photos as often as you can! If you think your website looks a bit out dated update it, this will make such a difference to your clients first impressions on you and your work.

4. Newborn photography props to buy first

  • Newborn photography bean bag and stand
  • A bowl or basket
  • I would start of with some neutral colour blankets and hair bands and hats and then you can build this up as you go
  • A heater to keep your newborns nice and warm
  • White noice machine or baby shusher device. These are a must have for helping the baby to sleep.
  • I also use a yoga ball to sit on when I wrap the babies and it helps to bounce a little if you have a fussy baby.

5. Try not to compare yourself to other photographers and look at their work too much

While it’s good to look at other newborn photographers work for inspiration, sometimes we need to put our blinkers on and focus on our own work more. I still do this all the time and it’s hard to not get down sometimes when you are always looking at other photographers newborn sessions and comparing them to you. Everyone is on their own journey with their photography and at different stages. You need to concentrate on your work and your business and try not to spend to much time browsing other peoples work and get started with your own ๐Ÿ™‚

newborn photography

I hope this blog on Tips to becoming a successful newborn photographer was helpful, now all you need to do it start ๐Ÿ˜Š


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