Different ways to wrap a newborn –  4 tips for success

Different ways to wrap a newborn – 4 tips for success

Within newborn photography there are so many different ways you can pose and wrap a newborn baby. Every newborn will have their own little personality so you may have to adapt the wrap to them. Most newborns love being wrapped up all cosy with their legs close to their tummy as this was how they were in the womb. Newborn photography is best photographed when your little one is 5-14 days because at this age they will usually be more sleepy and like being warm and cosy. This is why newborn photographers will recommend within this time frame, as more poses can be achieved. I usually always start with my newborns wrapped as this helps with getting them to sleep.

How many different ways can you wrap a newborn in newborn photography?

Well I won’t be able to list them all here as there are so many but I can list the main ones that I do during my newborn sessions. Here are some wrapped newborn poses that all look really cute!

1. Newborn full wrap

This full newborn wrap will keep your newborn nice and cosy and once they are wrapped up they will usually stay asleep for a long time! With fussier babies that seem like they might not fall asleep once you have wrapped them, this usually works.

baby twins

2. Wrap with hands exposed

This wrap is a lot like the one above but I keep their hands out. I tend to leaves the babies hands out more now as this way I can put a cute little heart or teddy bear in their hands.

newborn wrapped poses

3. Wrap with hands and feet exposed option 1

This is one of my popular newborn wraps that I use a lot as i find it works for most babies. I start by wrapping around the arms at the top and getting their hands secure. Then I follow the wrap around the rest of the body leaving the feet showing and making sure they are tight and nice and cosy.

newborn photoshoot

4. With hands and feet exposed option 2

This newborn wrap is similar to the one above. I start with tying the wrap with a little knot around the newborns hands this make it nice and secure but make sure its not too tight. Then you do the same with the feet, tie the wrap around their cute little feet. To finish for this wrap you then bring the left and right bits of wrap that are left and tie a knot in the middle. To Finnish you would then wrap the rest of the wrap around the baby to create this adorable little wrap.

newborn photography

5. Wrapped round the outside

Some newborn babies that are a bit bigger or don’t like being too tightly wrapped will work better with this wrap. although I do this for all size newborns I tend to go to this one for bigger newborns. It’s nice and simple and looks so cute!

newborn photos
newborn photos

I hope you liked this blog on how to wrap a newborn and different ways to wrap a newborn baby. It takes a lot of time and practice but persistence is key 😊


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