Free Newborn photography session guide for parents

Free Newborn photography session guide for parents

newborn photography

When a client books in with me I always email them my newborn photography session guide. A lot of parents probably worry about how the session will go and how their baby will be. This newborn photography session guide should hopefully be really helpful 😊

Scheduling your Newborn Session

Newborns are photographed in the morning at 11am. Newborn babies under 2 weeks generally are best first thing in the morning as they have been up all night. As they get older they are more awake in the morning. I have learned from experience that newborns in the afternoon or early evening are generally not as comfortable and therefore I only usually photograph newborns at this time.
Newborn scheduling is ideal when done in advance, however; I accommodate new bookings daily if i have the space.

When you email information about the delivery, please let me know:

  • Date/time baby was born
  • Weight of baby
  • Name (if known)

A newborn is considered so for 6 weeks. As a newborn progresses in development the bones harden and they tend to “uncurl” and stretch out more. A newborn photo session can successfully be achieved at any of these weeks with special care and prep. This guide should help in providing this information, for newborns of any age.
It is important to understand that newborns are not turned away for their age, however; certain poses may not be possible as they get older.

Session Day Prep

I suggest that babies feed right before their session. A newborn photoshoot usually takes about 3 hours. Babies generally feed every 2-3 hours, therefore; feeding right before a session can sometimes guarantee an uninterrupted session. With that being said, babies are babies and quite often will have growth spurts and feed more often during a photography session.

In the event that the baby is fully fed, but still may seem hungry during the session we will take a break and allow them feeding time. I suggest you give your baby their normal early morning feeding which is usually around 3 hours before your session and you are more than welcome to let that baby go back to sleep. You do not need to keep your baby awake. When you arrive, we will undress the baby to the diaper and then allow you to feed. At this point the baby will wake up and then be hungry.
My newborn sessions are baby led so i will never force or deny a feeding. When you feed before a session, I suggest feeding as you normally do – whether breastfed or bottle fed. For bottle feeding, I do suggest you bring extra bottles.

Newborn Packing List

  • Dress baby in loose pyjama
  • Pacifier (if you use one)
  • Spare diapersB
  • Babies blanket
  • Extra bottles (if bottle feeding)
  • Any newborn keepsakes or special items you would like to use

If baby normally does not take a pacifier, please bring it just in case. Newborn sessions are new to your baby and they often want self soothe by sucking more often than normal.

I want you to be nice and relaxed during your session. Newborns generally respond to your energy and therefore the more relaxed and comfortable you are the more chances of a successful newborn session we can expect to have.

The Newborn props

I have a collection of newborn props and accessories which includes wraps, hats, headbands and props. I also ask clients to choose images from my website or social media pages that appeal to them to give me an idea of the types of images you would like created.
When bringing your own clothing for yourself, Dads or siblings I suggest solid and simple clothing that is void of any distracting patterns. Keep clothing in similar tonal ranges for complimentary couple and family posing. Little or big boys should compliment the rest of the family.
Important Note: When posing babies naked, they quite often poop or pee on
Moms and Dads! If you are planning on leaving the studio to another
appointment or work, I suggest bringing a change of clothes just in case!

Newborn feeding guide before your session

preparing for a newborn session

I hope this Newborn photography session guide was helpful for you 😊


Feel free you give me a call or email if investing in maternity photography if something you would like to do. If you would like to pop into my studio before for a chat thats not a problem. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your newborn and Maternity photographer. It’s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

contact me at jocovephotography@gmail.com if you are looking for Professional Newborn photography in London

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