Great tips on soothing baby during a newborn Photoshoot

Great tips on soothing baby during a newborn Photoshoot

How to sooth a baby during a newborn photoshoot

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Photographing newborns takes a lot of skill and patience. I have photographed 100’s of babies over the years and found a few techniques that work really well. Some newborns will be a lot fussier or take a bit longer to settle but this is completely normal! If you are starting out in newborn photography as time goes on you will find the things that work for you best.

Here are my 5 tips


Most babies love being swaddled! This is how I start most of my newborn sessions as it helps get your little newborn to sleep. Older newborns might not like to be swaddled as much and like to be more free. Every baby has their own little personality and we have to go with the flow to how they are comfortable. When your baby is growing inside you they are curled up all warm and cosy, thats why they usually love being swaddled and cosy 🙂

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A heater

During your newborn photoshoot you need your studio nice and warm and cosy. Newborn babies feel the cold a lot more than we do and can’t regulate their body temperature as effectively as children and adults. Also your newborn has just come from your warm womb, so are used to the warmth.

White noise or a baby Shusher machine

I use a device called a baby shusher which you can find here to purchase. It basically makes the shushing noise you would make yourself to sooth your baby, its amazing! Before I bought this I used a white noise app during my newborn photoshoots but I found I was still making the shushing sound. I love this purchase and would recommend it to everyone. The noise is calming for your newborn baby as is white noise. It’s similar to what they would have been hearing inside your womb.

A yoga ball

It took me a long time before I purchased a yoga ball for my newborn photoshoots and I should have done it so much sooner! When I am swaddling the newborns I will sit on the yoga ball and wrap them on my lap. This way you can bop up a down a little to sooth the baby while you are wrapping them.

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Me behind the scenes in my studio

Make sure baby has had enough feeds

A milk drunk baby is always the best baby to have during a newborn photography session. I say to the parents they can feed their baby as soon as they get to my studio or if they live close by to try and feed them before they come. I always allow plenty of time for feeds during my newborn sessions! Some newborn babies will cluster feed while others will want a long feed and then be asleep for most of the newborn photoshoot.

Well I hope this blog helped you with some tips on how to sooth a baby during a newborn photoshoot!
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