How many set ups are included in a newborn session?

How many set ups are included in a newborn session?

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There are a lot of different set ups and poses that can be done within newborn photography, that being said you won’t be able to fit them all into one newborn session. It also depends on how sleepy the baby is on how many set ups you will be able to include. Before every session I ask the parents to send me some photos over of their favourite photos. Some parents want more newborn props and some want less. It’s great to get an idea of what the parent wants to plan a newborn session workflow in my head. Every newborn session is different and I like to make sure I am tailoring the session to the parents preferred colours and style choice. I also want to make sure that your baby is comfortable as not every baby will like doing every pose.

Newborn photography set ups

A newborn session workflow is very important to get the most out of the session. You don’t want to be disturbing the baby too much, making sure they stay asleep for longer. When posing a newborn baby I always start with them wrapped in my sessions, this usually helps with getting them to sleep, then I can move to various props.

These are the stages that I usually go through when photographing a newborn

  1. Newborn Wrapped on a beanbag
  2. Move the baby to a prop such as a bowl in that wrap
  3. Wrap over that wrap with a different colour wrap and move to another prop
  4. If the baby is still sleeping you can move onto another prop and even unwrap for different various prop poses
  5. Then I move back to the beanbag at the end for some bean bag poses with the newborn unwrapped

So as you can see its hard to say but I definably try and get 5 different set ups from a newborn photoshoot. I like to try and include 3 different props and then some bean bag poses. When I have finished photographing the newborn I then move onto the parent photos. I think it’s so important to include photos with you as a family during your newborn photoshoot. Your newborn will only be this tiny for so long, even if you don’t feel like it these first weeks will fly by so quickly! So make sure you include some family photos as well, you wont regret it 😊

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