How to pose newborn twins – London & Kent newborn photos

How to pose newborn twins – London & Kent newborn photos

Photographing newborn twins can actually be quite fun! There’s lots of different options when preparing the setups and thinking about how to pose them together. If you are lucky newborn twins tend to be very sleepy, I think this is because they are nice and cosy with each other and hopefully calm each other. Most newborn twin sessions I have photographed the newborns are very sleepy and have been great sessions, and including family photos as well is a perfect way to end a newborn session!

Things to think about when photographing newborn twins

You have a newborn session booked in and it’s twins….. Great 😊. Before the session you should try and plan a bit what you are going to do so you can be as prepared as you can. You want the newborn session to run as smoothly as possible so here is some tips for you for preparing your twin newborn session.

  • Do the parents want anything matching? Find out ahead of time what the parents are wanting for the session. If the twins are identical they want matching outfits or wraps.
  • Make sure you have some some props that are big enough to fit 2 babies in. I do photograph twins in props separately and together during my sessions. You should be able to find some big enough bowls or baskets, Etsy is always a good place to look for newborn props!
  • Research some different newborn twin poses before hand and what is the best order to do them. This will help you with your workflow for the session.
  • If you think you might need help if you haven’t photographed newborn twins before defiantly get someone in to help you. It will just tale a bit of the pressure off.
  • You can check out my newborn prices here is you are looking to book a newborn session

Posing with props

You can find a variety of props thats suitable for photographing newborn twins. I often use a large basket and a bed. You can also photograph them separately and then edit the picture so they are then side by side in the same prop if you wish too. Here’ some props that I use for twins during my sessions.

newborn photoshoot

Poses with the beanbag

There are a few different ways to pose newborn twins on a bean bag. These poses can be really cute as they are snuggled up close together keeping each other warm and calm. Here’s a few poses that you could try.

newborn photography
twin newborn photoshoot

Newborn twins posed with parents

I love these family photos, posing newborn twins with parents creates some beautiful photos. Usually newborn twins are quite small so mum and dad can most of the time hold them both at the same time for poses separately. Here’s a few family poses that i usually try to do.

baby and parent pictures

Newborn twins posed with siblings

There are usually two poses that i always do when photographing siblings with newborn twins. First of all them lying down on a fluffy rug looking up at me and then sitting up with the twins posed in a prop.

baby pictures
newborn twins and sibling


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