How to pose newborns with siblings

How to pose newborns with siblings

Have you had difficulty with learning how to pose newborns with Siblings? Newborn photography can be challenging as it is, so when you add other siblings to the picture it’s not always as easy as you would have hoped. Photographing newborns with siblings gets easier the more practice you have. If the sibling is a toddler, it can be quite hard as they sometimes don’t want to get into the photos. You might have to have some treats handy and try and be quite quick! I love including sibling photos in my newborn sessions, you can get the cutest photos and all that hard work pays off!

5 tips for posing newborns with Siblings

1. It’s easier when the baby is wrapped up

As you want these photos to go as smoothly as possible its best to wrap up the newborn, this will help them stay sleepy. Sometimes sibling might get a bit excited and poke or move their new brother or sister. If the newborn is wrapped up during the newborn session this usually helps prevent the newborn waking up as they are more cosy.

2. Use a bucket to pose the newborn next to the sibling

Posing the newborn in a bucket for a sibling shot is always a great option! Get the baby all ready and then the sibling can come and sit next to the bucket. This tactic is usually quite easy, you can sit the sibling next to the bucket, behind the bucket and leaning over kissing the baby from the side is always really cute!

baby in a bucket
newborn photography

3. posing on a flokati rug on the floor

I love this pose and it’s usually a popular one with parents! It is a lot harder to do when the sibling is a toddler and doesn’t want to lay down, so you may have to try and be quick with this one.

4. Pose the baby on a bean bag

Once you have wrapped up the newborn all nice and cosy, pose them on their side facing the camera on the bean bag. The sibling can then lay next to them or lean over just above them giving them a hug or kiss. This is usually quite an easy one to do.

Posing the newborn on a bean bag with their sibling. – Leaning over hugging and kissing
big sister photographed with newborn

5. Photograph newborns with siblings at the beginning of the shoot

As we all know, getting children to co-operate sometimes can be quite hard, even is they are the best behaved child. If you leave it towards the end of the shoot they will probably be tired and a bit fed up. Make sure you have a few treats on had this can always help!

posing newborns with siblings

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