Most popular newborn poses – Tips for your sessions

Most popular newborn poses – Tips for your sessions

newborn baby feet

Newborn photography has many different styles and when posing a newborn you need to remember that every newborn is different. Not all babies will feel comfortable in every pose so make sure you know what you are doing and if you are the photographer that you feel comfortable your self when posing newborns. I have been trained in newborn safety so don’t worry your little newborn is in in safe hands 😊

Chin on hands pose

I would say this is the most popular pose that I get parents asking for. This newborn pose is so cute! To achieve this pose it’s easier to get the baby ready in the pose while sitting on your lap. If you have a yoga ball you can bounce a little bit to settle the baby while they are adjusting to you getting them ready for the chin on hand pose. Most newborns are ok doing this pose but sometimes if your baby still has their umbilical cord your baby may not feel comfortable like this.

wrapped pose

There are many ways you can wrap a newborn but there are 2 simple wraps that you can start out with and look beautiful! When wrapping up a newborn during their photoshoot it’s best to see how comfortable they feel with their legs being wrapped up tight. Most newborns love this pose but every now and then you get a newborn that doesn’t like it. if so you can adapt the wrap so the wrap is just around the body like in the second photo.

wrapped newborn pose
wrapped newborn

Side pose

The side newborn pose is a nice simple pose to achieve. Usually there is no reason that a newborn won’t do this pose, the only time I find they won’t is when some babies are a bit fussier and don’t like being unclothed and want to be wrapped. If this is the case you can use a newborn outfit or drape a wrap over the newborn.

newborn baby boy

froggy pose

The froggy newborn pose is a pose that is more difficult to achieve. The newborn must be very sleepy and you should have practice in doing this pose. You will need help when doing this pose from either an assistant or parent. You can see from the photos below how it is achieved, two photos are taken and then merged together.

froggy pose

Tacco pose

This pose flows nicely after the froggy pose. The baby is posed with their legs comfortably tucked up underneath them. This pose is comfortable for the baby as this is how they are in the womb.

sleeping newborn

I find that all the poses above are the most popular newborn poses that i get asked for when posing on the bean bag. There are more ways that you can pose newborns in props but that is another blog all together!


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