Must have newborn photography poses

Must have newborn photography poses

During newborn sessions there are many different poses that you can do. The sessions always vary depending on how old the newborn baby is and also their little personalities. Newborns aged under 2 weeks do tend to be a bit more sleepy and flexible with the poses you can achieve. With older newborn at around 4 – 6 weeks you may have to adapt and use more props rather than curled up poses.

Newborn photography poses

So here are my favourite poses to do during my newborn sessions that most babies will be able to do and give you a beautiful newborn galley!

wrapped up all cosy

This is a great newborn pose to start with, especially if you are photographing a fussy baby that is taking a while to get to sleep. This usually in the end will result in a sleepy baby. You can capture some beautiful photos to start off the newborn session.

London studio

wrapped up with hands and feet showing

This is a nice pose to follow on from after a full wrap. The babies hands and feet showing looks really cute.

baby pictures

Close up with eyes open before they drift off

Quite often when the newborn session starts the baby will be awake. This is a great time to get a few awake newborn photos.

family photographer

Front newborn pose in a bucket

This newborn pose is very popular and it’s so cute! You can never go wrong with this pose and I try and include this in most newborn sessions.

posing a newborn in a bucket

Pose from above in a bowl or basket

After you have photographed the newborn wrapped up you can easily move on from here by posing the baby in a bowl or basket and photograph from above.

baby posed in a bowl

Close up of newborn feet

This is always a must as you can never get cuter than newborn baby feet! You can get some close ups of the newborn feet and toes and also placing a heart prop in-between the toes creates a beautiful unique photo.

newborn baby feet

Hands under chin pose

This pose is similar to how you would pose the newborn in the bucker but posing them on the bean bag instead. I love this pose and is also one of my favourites.

newborn photos

Newborn posed on their side on a beanbag

Simple and beautiful, the baby is posed in their side on the bean bag a very popular and easy newborn pose to do.

newborn phootgraphy


Feel free you give me a call or email if you are looking to capture some newborn baby photos in London. If you would like to pop into my studio before for a chat thats not a problem. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your newborn photographer. It’s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

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