Must have newborn poses – stunning newborn photos London

Must have newborn poses – stunning newborn photos London

There are so many different styles and poses for newborn photography. It’s great to get a variation during a newborn photoshoot. Every newborn shoot will be different as it depends on the individual newborn and how they feel comfortable. All of my newborn sessions are baby led, if they are not comfortable doing a certain pose it shouldn’t be forced. Before every newborn session I will ask the parents to select some photos so I can see the poses and styles they prefer. Some newborn sessions I will use more props than in others. I always find there are popular newborn poses that a lot of parents want, like the chin under hands pose, this is one of my favourites! There are some must have newborn poses that I do try and do for most sessions if possible and here they are below.

Hands on chin newborn pose

I love this pose, its so simple and cute! You can photograph this newborn with and without a hairband or hat to add some variation. Most newborns will do this pose and feel comfortable but every now and then I do get a baby that doesn’t like bringing their arms arm like this.

newborn poses

Laying down side pose

This is a really simple newborn pose that every newborn should be able to do. Again you can add hats and also a wrap over the middle to add some colour and change it up a bit. When the newborn is unwrapped sometimes it may take them a while to settle. You might have to put a wrap over them to sooth them for a bit before they drift off.

baby boy

Taco pose

The taco pose is again a cute simple pose, this is achieved when the babies legs are positioned tucked up comfortably underneath them. Their hands can be positioned on their face which I like to do as it’s so sweet 🙂

baby photos

Wrapped newborn pose

When I start a newborn session I usually always start with the newborn wrapped. This will help them settle a bit more, especially if the baby is fussy and won’t sleep. When the newborn is wrapped up all cosy and warm this is how they were when they were in the womb. So this feels familiar and comfortable for them.

newborn photography

Wrapped from above in a basket and bowl

When you Have finished photographing the newborn wrapped on the beanbag you can move them to a bowl and basket. Keep them wrapped how they are and simply pose them how you would like in the prop like below. This is great because the newborn won’t be disturbed by wrapping them again and you can achieve some different photos with different set ups.

Newborn photography Barnet London
newborn posed in a bowl

Front facing in a bucket

How cute is this, this little one had all of the smiles! This is one of my favourite poses as well, most babies will be fine doing this pose but it might take a while for them to settle but if it can be achieved its adorable, I love it!

newborn posed in a bucket

The details

And last of all, it’s good to try and make sure you get all the little details in there as well! It’s great when the baby grabs the heart with their little toes, although this doesn’t always happen so when it does it’s perfect.

baby feet


Feel free you give me a call or email if you are looking to invest in newborn photography. If you would like to pop into my studio before for a chat thats not a problem. My newborn studio is based in North London. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your London newborn photographer. It’s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

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