A day in the life of a newborn photographer

A day in the life of a newborn photographer

There is a lot involved in running a newborn photography business than just photographing your beautiful babies. You see all my newborn photos on my profiles and during your sessions i’m working hard to create these beautiful photos for you. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and before and after the photoshoots every day.

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A standard day with a newborn baby photoshoot in my North London studio

Here is a little insight into a standard day when I have got a newborn photography session.

Emails and message

The first thing I usually do when I wake up is check my emails and messages. Sometimes this is hard to keep track of and I have to double check I have replied to everything. I get messages by email, facebook, instagram, text, whats app and my google business listing page. I have to make sure I have checked all of these, this usually takes a lot more time than I think it will.

Make sure my admin is up to date

I use sage accounting for all my accounts and invoicing. This helps me so much with keeping track of everything and help me be organised!

Tidy and clean my studio before your newborn session

Before a newborn session I will tidy and clean and go over the clients booking form to check which colours and requests they have said for their session.

Photographing your newborn session

My newborn sessions usually last about 3 hours. If the baby is fussier or needs more feeds it can be longer. Every newborn session is different and my sessions are tailored to you and your baby. I have my own style but I also ask you what colours you would like to use and which props. Some parents don’t want to use as many props while others do. I love that every session is different giving variation to my session ๐Ÿ˜Š I am always quite knackered after a newborn session as it’s hard work and always put in 100% to every session. It’s my passion and I love creating these beautiful photos for you!

Uploading your newborn photos

After your session I will upload your newborn photos and also back them up. This takes a while and is very time consuming. I make sure that my photos are organised on my hard drive to try and stay on top of everything.

Cleaning my studio after your newborn photoshoot

After your newborn photoshoot I will clean the studio and also wash everything that has been used so it’s clean and fresh and ready for the next newborn session. I only photograph one newborn a day to allow for time to clean my studio in-between sessions.

Additional things that I have to do that afternoon/evening and also on days when I don’t have a photoshoot.

  • Editing – I need to make sure all my edits are up to date and usually have editing to do most days. Editing takes up a lot of my time, one newborn shoot can take me about 5 hours to edit.
  • Writing Blogs – This also takes up a lot of time. It took me a while to get used to writing blogs but this is an essential thing I have to do for my SEO for my website
  • Marketing – I pay for ads and marketing, so I need to keep up to date with all of this
  • My website – I update and run my website myself. I am constantly checking my galleries and information is up to date.
  • Posting on social sites – This is something I do daily or weekly depending on the profile. I post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, linked in and my google business page. This also takes up a lot of time and planning!
  • Buying newborn props and materials – As well as all of the above I am always making sure I have all the essential props and assessories for my lovely clients during my newborn sessions. I invest a lot of money into my studio and am always building up my props!

I hope you enjoyed this blog in a day in the life as a newborn photographer ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Feel free you give me a call or email if you are looking for a Newborn baby photoshoot in London. If you would like to pop into my newborn studio before for a chat thats not a problem. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your newborn and Maternity photographer. Itโ€™s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

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