Newborn photography equipment – Tips for successful newborn photos

Newborn photography equipment – Tips for successful newborn photos

Starting out in newborn photography can be tough like starting any business! There is so much to think about and you might not know where to start. As well as thinking about the business side you will need to think about what equipment is best to use for newborn photography. I have a good set up now and have for awhile but it did take me a while to figure out what equipment was best to use for newborn photography and what worked best for me. Like with everything we all have our own opinions on what we like and what works for us. What I use might not necessarily be what is right for you. When photographing a newborn it’s essential you get the lighting right and then everything will fall into place.

Once you have decided on which newborn photography equipment you are going to buy make sure you learn how to use them properly and are comfortable with them. This will make your newborn photoshoots run more smoothly and you will be less stressed and enjoy your work 😊

My newborn photography equipment

Newborn photography Studio lighting

For my studio lighting I use Profoto B10’s, I have only just purchased these and before I was using some Bowens studio lights. I had my Bowens lights for a long time, about 13 years and they were starting to give me some trouble so I decided it was a time for an upgrade. I decided on the Profoto B10’s for my studio lighting as they had such good reviews. After lots of research they are exactly what I was looking for! During a newborn session it’s great to not have leads in the way and have light equipment.

These studio lights are battery powered but you can also have them plugged in and charging at the same time as using them if you need to. They are also super light and can be portable to take to clients houses. The controls are so smooth and easy to use as well! I 100% recommend the Profoto B 10’s, while they are on the more expensive end of the scale they are worth the investment! Other makes of studio lighting that you could get could be Elinchrom’s, Alien bee’s and Honey badger’s

studio lighting

Soft box or umbrella

For my newborn sessions I use a Profoto shoot thru umbrella. This means it is translucent and creates a softer looking feel and has less harsh shadows. This is just my personal choice, a lot of newborn photographers opt for a different kind of studio lighting such as a soft box. I like the look that the translucent umbrella creates during my newborn photoshoots so have stuck with it.

umbrella studio lighting


For my newborn sessions I use a Canon MkIII, I was about to upgrade to the Mk IV but then I needed some new studio lights so I guess this will have to wait! I love this camera and but will definitely be upgrading as soon as I can. I also have the Canon Mk2 as My back up camera, as soon as I upgrade to the MkIV I will sell my Canon Mk2.

DSLR camera


When photographing newborns I always use my Canon 28-70 F2.8. This Lens is so versatile I often photograph at F2.8 when photographing the newborn on their own and then for the family photos I go to about F4. This is definitely my all time favourite lens to use for newborn photography

Newborn posing bean bag and frame

Once you have got all of the technical equipment sorted you can start to think about the other things that you would need during your newborn sessions. One of the main things is a bean bag to pose your newborn on. There are lots of different newborn posing bean bags out there and they don’t have to be too expensive. I got my posing beanbag and stand from Baby posing limited here.

Newborn photography backdrops/backgrounds & Props

So you have all of your technical equipment to start you out in newborn photography. Now you can think about what newborn photography props you want. You can start with just a few things in neutral colours so you can use them for both boys and girls. I purchase My paper backgrounds from here which I use as backgrounds for the family portraits. There are so many different places to buy newborn assessories and props, Etsy is a good place to search!

newborn photography


Feel free you give me a call or email if you are looking for a newborn baby shoot in London. If you would like to pop into my studio before for a chat thats not a problem. My newborn studio is based in North London. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your London newborn photographer. It’s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

contact me at jocovephotography@gmail.com if you are looking for Professional Newborn photography in London

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