Posing newborns with parents – 10 tips for beautiful photos

Posing newborns with parents – 10 tips for beautiful photos

Newborn photography includes so many different posing techniques which you can include in a photoshoot. As well as photographing your newborn, i love to include family photos within your newborn session. There are lots of different options and if you are a newborn photographer and starting out hopefully this will help you with some ideas! Practice is the key, if your baby is awake during your newborn session and not very settled it’s best to wrap the baby. Also try to get some photos unwrapped, you can get some lovely poses this way.

Posing newborns with parents during a newborn session

1 . Wrapped up and close to the face

This is a good pose to start with, the baby will be nice and cosy and warm. I love this pose, its easy to do and just beautiful! Wrap up the newborn and pose in the mum or dads arms so baby is to the side of their face. You can then pose the parent looking at baby or kissing baby. I find I use this pose quite often with mums as it’s just adorable!

newborn photography

When photographing the mum with this pose it’s then a good time to bring the dad in for a few photos as well. Make the most out of each pose with the parents and try to think ahead.

posing newborns with parents

2. In daddies arms front pose with the newborn

I love this pose for all the daddies during my newborn sessions. You can see the newborns tiny hands and feet and even if the baby is awake for this pose you can get the cutest photos! You can do this pose for the mums as well but it usually works better for the dads as their hands are bigger, making it easier to support the babies body and head in this position.

baby in daddies arms
family pictures

3. Close up of baby in Daddies arms

Some times parents don’t want to be in the photos with their newborn. These newborn photos are beautiful and concentrate more on just the baby and are a great way to include the parents without having to be fully in the photographs.

close ups of newborn

4. Newborn posed on parents chest

You can pose the newborn on either the mum or dads chest with the babies head facing the camera. I love doing close ups with this pose with this crop, concentrating on all the love within the family! Baby may move slightly or try and move their hand. Try and make sure the babies hand is kept nice and cosy underneath their cheek.

posing a newborn with family

Here is some some photos separately with mummy and daddy with this pose 🙂

mummy and newborn photos

5. Newborn posed on shoulder side pose

Posing the newborn over mummy or daddies shoulder with the parents facing side on is a lovely natural pose where you can also concentrate on the babies face more as well. You can do this separately and with both parents as seen below.

baby close up photos
baby pictures

6. Parents and other siblings posed with newborn

Quite often there will be siblings coming to the newborn session. This is a great time to update your family photos as when was the last time you managed to get a photo of you all together without it being a selfie? Depending on the age of the sibling the poses will have to be adjusted. If the child is a lot younger still you can have them stand on a stall. generally i find making these family photos as natural and fun as possible is the best way!

7. Photographing the newborn with mummy and daddies hands

This newborn pose is a beautiful way to get both parents involved while focusing more on the baby.

8. Using props when posing the parents with newborn

Add some props into the mix! You may have just finished taking some photos of the newborn posed in a bucket, why not bring in the parents as well! This is a great idea as its quick and easy and you don’t have to change the set up at all.

posing newborns in props

9. Parents posed sitting down with baby

Natural photos sitting down like this is another option for posing the newborn with parents. Pose one of the parents first with the baby on their lap, then bring in the other parent. These are lovely natural photos, with the parents concentrating on looking at the baby and feeling relaxed.

natural newborn photos

10. Natural home session photos

When I have a home newborn session I liked to finish with some family photos with the newborn as well. Find some natural light coming in from some windows or doors. The light coming in here should be perfect to create some beautiful family photos with the newborn as below 😊

home session


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