Most popular newborn poses with props – London newborn photographer

Most popular newborn poses with props – London newborn photographer

When it come to posing newborns, this is a skill that is learnt over time. There are so many different newborn poses with and without using props. For this blog I am going over posing newborns with props. If you are anything like me, looking for newborn props can become addictive and you always see something new out that that you want to buy 😂. I have got a bit better now only try to buy something if i already don’t have something like it and it will benefit me and my customers. You can build up your newborn photography props over time and gradually get newborn accessories in all the colours you need.

Posing a newborn in a bowl

There are many different shapes of bowls that you can get to pose newborns in. I have a round bowl and a heart shape bowl. There are also some really cute moon and star newborn prop bowls that are next on my list to purchase! When photographing a newborn in a bowl make sure you photograph different angles and close up shots as well as the whole scene. Here are some examples of my newborns posed in bowls.

Newborn bed prop

A newborn bed prop is a great prop to have. I actually have 3 different types of bed props but they can be used in many different ways. I often photograph newborns in these props with 3/4 different poses. These beds are so versatile and you can create some beautiful newborn photos with them!

Posing a newborn in a bucket

I love posing newborns in buckets, these are one of my favourite newborn props. I use these props in 2/3 different ways to photograph the newborn wrapped up inside and then also from the front with the hands on chin pose. A newborn baby wrapped up and all cosy in a bucket is the cutest thing ever. If you have the newborns hands out at the top of the wrap you can pose some teddy bear props or hearts in their tiny little hands.

Newborn scales prop

I found these scales on Ebay and I thought they would be perfect as a newborn prop. There are so many things out there that may not be advertised as a newborn prop but would be great to use.

newborn photography

Newborn chair prop

This is one of my latest newborn prop purchases and I love it! I might have to get another one of these in a different colour. How cute are these newborn photos! So that’s it, I hope you found this blog useful on posing newborn with props and all the variations out there!

posing a newborn


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