Posing newborns with siblings – Beautiful photos

Posing newborns with siblings – Beautiful photos

Quite often I have newborn sessions that involve photos with an older sibling. When I first started out in photography I used to find these photos quite daunting. Some newborn sessions can be hard enough without adding another sibling to the mix. You can have a lot of fun with the sibling photos and once you get the hang of it so many cute photos can be achieved! When I have siblings at a newborn photoshoot I start of photographing one set up with the newborn first. I then usually move onto the sibling photos after that. The newborn sessions are quite long and you want to make sure that the older brother or sister doesn’t get too tired or impatient.

Different set ups when photographing newborns with siblings

There are a few different set ups you can do when photographing siblings with newborns. Over the years with trail and error I have found that I stick to two different poses now that work really well! Unless the sibling is a lot older, I stick to poses where the newborn doesn’t have to be held and supported by their brother or sister. This just makes it all a bit easier for everyone to achieve the best shot.

Lying on the floor looking up to the ceiling

This is my preferred sibling and newborn photo set up as I find it always works well, fingers crossed! I get the newborn into position first so they are nice and cosy and then position their sibling next to them. You can hopefully get this shot done quite quickly. Getting some cute photos of them hugging and a few kisses on the cheek shouldn’t be too hard. Look how cute they look 🥰

posing newborns with siblings
newborn photography

Using props to pose newborns with siblings

This is another pose I will try and do. I will start with the newborn posed in a bucket or basket and get some newborn photos of them on their own then bring in the sibling. The sibling can sit next to the basket giving their little brother or sister some smiles and cuddles! I love including sibling photos in newborn sessions. The photo below I photographed the older sister as a newborn as well. It’s always great to see parents come back with their second child. Sometimes the parents may need to bribe the child a little to stay in the spot to get the best shot. So sometimes some treats on hand are always a great thing 🙂


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