Pregnancy hospital bag must haves

Pregnancy hospital bag must haves

I thought as I am photographing all your beautiful newborns it would be nice to do a blog on a pregnancy hospital bag check list. As you get closer to your due date you will be thinking about what to take with you to hospital when that time comes. You may not want all of these items but I hope it helps you with your research!

Pregnancy Hospital bag check list

Pregnancy bag hospital check list

So here it is 20 must have items when preparing your hospital bag to take with you to Hospital. Hopefully these will help you prepare for you birth.

  • Your Birth plan and Maternity notes – It’s good to go over these, even though not all births go to plan it can help you keep calm
  • Old night dress or T-shirt – You can wear this during labour and you obviously wouldn’t want anything new getting messy
  • Dressing gown & loose lounge pants – Nothing beats a nice cosy dressing gown and comfy loose lounge pants these can add added support for those sensitive areas after giving birth
  • Slippers – Non slip sippers are a life saver when your walking around the hospital, its best if they are backless slippers so they are easy to get on and off
  • Socks – You never know when you you might need to warm your feet up. During labour some people are known to get cold feet
  • Massage oil – This isn’t a necessity but to help you relax your partner can message you during labour. you can also invest in a massage roller this can help.
  • Lip balm – you can get very chapped lips during labour
  • Things to pass the time – Depending on how long your labour is you will want thing to pass the time and take your. mind off it. Books magazines or a tablets are good things to help.
  • Hair band or clips – Your hair might get in the way during labour and you might want to tie it back
  • Phone charger – This is probably one time you don’t want your phone to die. You will prob want to use it to keep in contact with friends and family and don’t forget so you can take photos as well!
  • Pillows – Some people like to take their own pillow. Hospital bed pillows are that comfy. You want to be as comfy as possible during labour and after. It can also be extra support after giving birth and when breast feeding.
  • Music – You can create a playlist that is upbeat and soothing songs. These can help you during the labour.
  • Snacks and drinks – Keeping your energy levels up is so important. The hospital will always provide drinks and snack for you but you may like something that you know you love at this time. Carb-based snack thats will release your energy slowly are great. Make sure to keep your fluids up as well, lots os water or isotonic sports drinks will boost your energy as well.
  • Birth ball/Yoga ball – Having a birth ball can help you find different positions that you find are better for you and help you manage birth contractions. Sometimes hospitals do have these. if so you can check if they have the right size for you.
  • Your own toiletries – Pack a small bag with the must haves, Toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, face wipes. hand moisturiser, travel size shampoo and conditioner. Some dry shampoo can always be very useful as well!

For after the baby is born

  • Nursing bra & Nursing pads – You must invest i a comfortable nursing bra, this is a must have or many mums do go braless if that what you find more. comfortable. Also protecting your bra from leaks with nursing pads is a good idea, it means less washing which is always a good thing!
  • Underwear & pads – You want to be as comfortable as you can after the birth. The hospital will supply you with mesh padded underwear but you may feel more comfortable in your own (nice comfy big one that many people call granny pant)
  • Lanolin (or nipple cream)– At the beginning after your birth when you and baby are learning to breast feed you nipples can get very sore. creams for this will help sooth and protect your nipples.
  • Car seat -Don’t for get the baby car seat 🙂 make sure its all ready to go and that you both know how to use it before you leave the hospital
  • Going home outfit for you and the baby – Some Loose Maternity clothes and a onesie for your baby that easy to put on and off. If its cols you will need to make sure you have a warm baby blanket and hat for your baby too

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