Tips and ideas for best newborn photography

Tips and ideas for best newborn photography

newborn photography

Have you been looking for tips for newborn photography? Photographing newborns can be a daunting thing when you first start out as there are a lot of skills to learn. When you are browsing over newborn photos or looking at other photographers newborn photography websites it’s hard to see the time that goes into one newborn photoshoot. When I started out in newborn photography I was constantly looking at other newborn photographers work and thinking I wouldn’t be able to do that or not know where to start. Everything takes patience and practice and you will get there in the end 😊 Here are some of my tips for newborn photography I have learnt along the way for how to photograph a newborn!

Tips for newborn photography

1. Newborn photography assessories

If you are just starting out in newborn photography and thinking about what newborn props and assessories to buy first, try not to go over board and spend too much money. You could get a large cream flokati rug and blanket along with a few neutral wraps. You can build up your newborn photography assessories as you go as it can get expensive.

2. Newborn photography props

When buying newborn photography props buy something that you can use for multiple poses such as the prop below. You will get more use out of it in different ways and then can also purchase more props as you get busier.

newborn photography

3. Home or studio newborn session

When I started out in newborn photography I only did home newborn sessions as I didn’t have a studio, you have to adapt to what you can offer. You can still take props with you and get some beautiful newborn photos with natural light. If you are photographing a home newborn session make sure they have some natural light where you can photograph next to a window/door. The light will make all difference and is the most important thing.

4. Lighting for newborn photography

Whether you are using natural light or studio lighting, feathering the light across the front of the baby will create a soft natural lighting effect. I only use one light for my newborn photoshoots and have never needed more than one light.

5. Equipment to help a newborn sleep during a newborn session

There are certain things within newborn photography which will help you a lot with soothing the newborn. The three main things I have are a heater, a white noise machine and a yoga ball. You want your studio warm and cosy, newborn babies will be sleepier like this as this is how they were in the womb. when photographing a newborn I always use my white noise machine. Again that white noise in the background is soothing for the baby as it’s similar to what they could hear in the womb.

Last of all I have a yoga ball, I find it really helpful for soothing fussier newborns! You can bounce softly with the newborn on your lap to sooth them. I find this really useful when I am wrapping the newborn if they are still awake, you can wrap them slowly and try and smooth them at the same time.

6. Photographing at different angles

Always try and photograph a newborn from different angles for each set up. In all of my newborn photoshoots I will photography from each side angle as well as the front/above depending on the set up. You can get some of the cutest side profiles during a newborn shoot as well as making sure you photograph all the details up close such as hands and feet.

7. Learning how to wrap a newborn

You need a lot of patience when learning how to wrap a newborn, but just take it slow and don’t rush it. If the newborn is already asleep it can be easy but if they are awake you will want to take it slow, making sure its secure. I watched lots of you tube videos when I started out they are so helpful. I also attended a few newborn photography workshops and I would 100% recommend this hands on experience! When doing a newborn photography workshop you will also learn about safety when poses a newborn which is essential.

wrapping a newborn

8. Involve the parents in the newborn photoshoot

I love to include parents in the newborn sessions with their newborn babies. Not all parents will want to be in the photos, if they really don’t want to be in any newborn photos you can always include photos with just their hands in. These photos can also be just as sentimental and beautiful!

family photos
newborn in daddies hands

9. Make sure you have a contract they and booking form

Make sure you have a contract so that the parents know exactly what they are getting and also the parents can let you know if they are ok with you using the photos for your portfolio. I use Jot forms for my booking form and its really simple and easy!

10. Have confidence in what you are doing

Last of all just have confidence in what you are doing 😊 Practice, practice, practice and never give up. It’s easy to get down when you look at other peoples newborn work, I still do this. It’s hard to start something if you don’t know if it’s going to work out but all of that hard work will be worth it. You just have to be patience work hard and have confidence in what you are doing and other people will see that too!

newborn photoshoot

Well I hope you have enjoyed these tips for newborn photography and it helps you within your own photography!


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