What if my baby doesn’t sleep during their newborn photoshoot?

What if my baby doesn’t sleep during their newborn photoshoot?

Do all newborns sleep during their newborn photoshoot? Well the answer is no. When you are researching newborn photography you will come across lots of cute sleeping newborns. It probably looks quite easy from looking at one photo but that one photos could have taken awhile to achieve. Every newborn is different, some will sleep all the way through, some will take almost an hour to settle or need more feeds and then occasionally some newborns might not sleep at all. But do not worry, we just have to go with the flow! I never rush my newborn sessions and they are led by how the baby is and how they are comfortable. During my newborn session I have my studio set up so it’s warm and soothing for the baby and use many techniques that will hopefully help your baby feel calm and help them drift off to sleep.

Why is my baby not sleeping during their photography session?

There could be many reasons why your baby isn’t sleeping during a newborn session. It could be some of the reasons below or it could just be that they are a more awake and alert newborn.

  • Your baby could be hungry
  • They may need their nappy changed
  • Sometimes they my have a stomach ache if they are a bit gassy
  • Your newborn might have colic
  • They could be over tired and are fighting it

Whats to expect during your session

Every awake baby is different, some will let you wrap them up and some will just not want to be as posed and wrapped up. Heres some cute photos and a few poses you can do for awake newborns.

baby posed for a photoshoot
newborn photography
photographing a awake baby
cute baby pictures
baby posed in a bucket
newborn posing
cute awake photos of babies
baby posed in a bowl
newborn photoshoot
posing an awake newborn

You can include more photos with mum and dad

If baby won’t sleep during your newborn session get mum and dad involved. This could also make the baby more relaxed when being in mummy and daddies arms.

newborn and mummy photos
newborn posed with dad
newborn and daddy photos
London family photographer

Include close ups and details during the newborn session

This is a good time to take some close up and cute photos of the babies feet, every one loves newborn feet and toes 🙂

newborn feet

So I hope that answers your question….. Do all newborns sleep during their newborn photoshoot? The answer is no but don’t let this worry you, we will be able to produce you some cute awake photos as well.


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