When should newborn photos be taken?

When should newborn photos be taken?

Newborns are best photographed under 2 weeks of age

Newborn photos are best photographed when they are between 5-14 days old. Saying that it doesn’t mean that you won’t get some beautiful newborn photos if your baby is older. A newborn baby is seen as a newborn up to the age of 8 weeks. I have achieved beautiful newborn photos at 6 and 8 weeks before. The reason that newborn photography is best achieved under 2 weeks is that they are a lot more flexible and sleepy at this time. When your baby is in your womb they are curled up so comfy and warm. We can imitate this during a newborn session. Also after 2 weeks your newborns bones start to harden more, this is why less poses can be achieved.

Photographed within 2 weeks

newborn photography
Newborn at 11 days old

In general the rule for newborn photography is under 2 weeks as more poses can be achieved. I usually start a lot of my newborn sessions with the baby wrapped up as this makes them more sleepy. I then follow on from here with some props while wrapped to get a variety of photos. There are so many many different newborn poses that can be achieved but not every baby will feel comfortable in every pose. Even a 7 day old baby might not like the pose above in the photo. You can never predict how a session is going to go. Most babies love being wrapped up like the photo below as they are so warm and cosy.

newborn photoshoot
Newborn photography at 7 days old

Photographed over 2 weeks

When photographing a newborn over 2 weeks of age or a lot older about 6 weeks you have to adapt to them. They may not light being wrapped up as they are used to being more free. When I photograph older newborns I find it easier to use more props and not wrap them up as much. I have had a few very sleepy 4-6 week newborns though, it’s so unpredictable. The photos below were taken when the baby was about 6 weeks. She was awake for most of the session but then did fall asleep at the end.

posing a newborn at 6 weeks
Newborn baby photographed at about 6 weeks

At the end of her newborn session we managed to get some beautiful newborn photos of her asleep, posed in a prop. every baby has their own little personality and some are more sleepy than others. So the general rule is under 2 weeks for newborn photography but don’t let this put you off booking a newborn session if your baby is slightly older.

sleeping baby


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