Why you need to print your photos

Why you need to print your photos

We are all guilty of it…. not printing our photos! I do try and make an effort now to sit down and go through photos and print the ones I love and frame them or put them in an album. Some of my newborn packages include printed photos and a few don’t. My premium newborn package includes more printed photos and I love ordering these prints for clients knowing that these will be framed in their home. Newborn photography is an investment, printing your newborn photos will remind you every day of these different moment you have had and how little and special your babies were at this time. I also offer different size prints, albums and various frames and canvases. Depending on the style you like there is something that would compliment all homes to display your beautiful photos ๐Ÿ˜Š

Reasons why you should print your photos

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1. Printing your photos is another form of backing them up.

Can you imagine if something goes wrong with your computer or hard drive. Memory sticks and USB’s only last for so long so you should make sure your double back up your photos incase this happens. Also printing your photos is another form of backing them up. If everything else fails, you will still have your beautifully printed photos displayed in your album or on your walls!

2. It simply feels good

I love the feeling of knowing I have ordered some prints and when I frame them up on the wall its such a great feeling, They make your house a home. They will make you smile when you walk past them everyday and hopefully lift you up when you are feeling down!

3. Grandparents and family love to see physical photos

Grandparents love looking through physical photos, rather than on your phone. This makes the moments seem more real and make you feel like you are in that moment.

4. Newborn albums are memorable keepsakes

I used to prints albums from every holiday I went on when I was younger but I have got a bit slack with doing this. Your photo albums will hopefully be with you forever and you won’t regret having made these. Making a newborn album that is stunning and going to last is a must. You have invested in your newborn photos so display the photos beautifully to show everyone, it will have such a different feel than showing then to someone on your computer or phone.

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5. Your kids can look at them when they are older

If you have had a newborn session or a photography session when they are a bit older this is a great way to preserve the memories for them to see. I loved looking through photo albums as a kid and seeing photos of me as a baby and my parents when they were younger. It’s so funny when you can look back at past photos of loved ones and look back at the different fashion and styles from that era.

6. They are great gifts

Framed photos and albums are the perfect gift! During my newborn sessions lots of parents say how excited their parents are to see the photos. Printing your newborn photos as a gift for for grandparents is perfect. If you have had family photoshoots throughout the year you could make beautiful collages to put in a frame or a canvas. You can never go wrong with personal photos as gifts for loved ones ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Feel free you give me a call or email if investing in newborn photography is something you would like to do. If you would like to pop into my studio before for a chat thats not a problem. My newborn studio is based in North London. Thank you to all my previous and future clients for choosing me as your London newborn photographer. Itโ€™s such a privilege to create these memories for you!

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